Who We Are



Mequipco Ltd. is a manufacturers' representative, equipment supplier and systems integrator dedicated to assisting consultants, contractors and end users in the industrial, municipal and resource sectors.

Our primary focus is on mechanical equipment for all phases of water and wastewater treatment projects with additional emphasis on all aspects of chemical handling equipment. Our reputation is one of excellence in customer service, quality of systems performance and provision of superior, technologically advanced products

Mequipco Ltd. stresses the importance of customer service in developing and maintaining close ties with our clients to foster a mutual understanding of the process parameters, and be able to tailor the solutions to each individual customers requirements.

Mequipco Ltd. staff includes highly trained professionals with experience in a wide variety of engineering disciplines. We are constantly investigating new technologies to allow our staff to offer our clients the latest developments in process equipment solutions and design.

Mequipco Ltd. stresses the importance of customer service in developing and maintaining close ties with our clients to foster a mutual understanding of the process parameters, and be able to tailor the solutions to each individual customers requirements.

We Bring To The Table

  • 01KnowledgeOur staff has over 120 combined years of knowledge working within the industry that is diversified from on site, technical, process, design, manufacturing, as well as involvement in all stages of the project from conception to execution
  • 02CoverageWe are proud to represent innovative process manufacturers. Within our Linecard is the ability to supply technologies from the beginning to the end of the Water, Wastewater or Industrial Processes
  • 03HistoryMequipco has been around since 1975. Originally starting out as a manufacturers' representative for mechanical equipment used in power and chemical industries, founder Dave Clarke joined the enterprise and the products offered expanded to include all phases of water and wastewater treatment

We think Process


puzzleWe represent over 25 industry leading manufacturers

From Screens to Aeration, Thickening to Dewatering,  and Intake to Distribution, we carry all of the products lines that you know and trust.



Did You Know?

Mequipco is a leading provider of packaged chemical feed systems to the Municipal and Industrial water and wastewater treatment industry in Western Canada?

Since 2002 we have fabricated and supplied our own Chemical Feed Packages specializing in taste and odor disinfection in the water. This customizable unit can be designed to accommodate footprint restrictions, small or large dose of chemicals, as well as materials of construction, control, and redundancy.

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Our team

  • Brad Hussack

    Brad brings over 25 years of expertise with a focus on Industrial Markets and Technologies. Being one of the original employees since Mequipco expanded into additional provinces, his comprehensive knowledge and long time relationships are the reason Mequipco's reputation is one of innovation and excellence.

  • Devlin Wing

    Branch Manager and company partner Devlin Wing joined Mequipco in 1998. He is responsible for Municipal and Industrial clients located throughout the province of British Columbia, and the Yukon & Northwest Territories.

  • Dan Landry

    With Mequipco since 1997, Dan bring over 20 years of experience covering a wide variety of Industrial & Municipal business in Saskatchewan, Manitoba, and Northwest Ontario. While keeping track of advancements in technology is important, maintaining the relationships he's made throughout the industry is valued the most highly.

  • Gareth Wright

    Gareth joined the Mequipco Team in 2010. He has over 20 years of experience in the water and wastewater industry including sales roles for distributors of process equipment, chemicals and utility services in western Canada. Gareth is based in Alberta with a primary focus on municipal engineering clients and end-users.

  • Kevin Dickinson

    Joining Mequipco in 2001, Kevin is based in Alberta with a focus on municipal markets. With over 15 years experience in the company, Kevin has developed secure relationships with consultants and end users in Alberta.

  • Mike Greig

    With over 10 years experience in the industry, Mike has been involved in many aspects of the business. From Purchasing to Project Management and finally finding his calling in sales. Mike handles Municipal & Industrial Sales for our BC office on Vancouver Island, Northern BC as well as the Yukon and Northwest Territories.

  • Danielle Sadler

    In addition to handling the Municipal side of JWC Muffin Monster Grinders, since 2008 Danielle has managed all Mequipco projects in the Municipal and Mining sectors. Danielle specializes in special projects & custom chemical feed dosing packages for disinfection as well as taste and odor control.

  • Darcy Krahulic

    Joining Mequipco in 2009, Darcy has 9 years of Field Applications and Inside Sales experience. Darcy handles all Start up & Commissioning on our Chemical Feed Packages and Products, as well as our Municipal Grinders

  • Amanda Bullock

    Amanda Bullock bring to the team her expertise in Accounting as a Certified General Account, and Certified Forensic Examiner. Amanda also handles size reduction in Western Canada Industrial sectors with our Muffin Monster line.