Affordable, Real-Time BOD/COD/TSS Monitoring in Wastewater



Real Tech’s BOD/COD monitoring system provides affordable real-time monitoring of organic load in a process. No reagents, no waiting for delayed lab results.

Features and Benefits:

  • Robust BOD/COD submersible probe utilizes multiple long-life UV-VIS LEDs for organics measurement in wastewater
  • Outputs standard organics parameters including BOD, COD and TSS
  • Automatic compressed air cleaning system lowers maintenance
  • Controller offers simple integration with 4-20 mA output standard
  • Monitoring system is easy to install and operate
  • Connects with Real Tech's Liquid Ai data services platform

Continuous BOD/COD monitoring provides immediate alerts of changing water quality conditions. This enables better decision making and control abilities to optimize processes and remove organic matter more effectively, reducing chemical and energy costs while ensuring compliance with effluent standards.

Download our BOD/COD System Specification Sheet below to learn more or contact us to request a quotation.

BOD/COD Brochure

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