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MIOX in Municipal Water Treatment

[embed][/embed] If you run a Water Treatment Plant, you’re facing one big challenge—you need to provide the highest quality water while keeping your costs down… Imagine improving your water quality while cutting your water disinfection treatment costs in half— The best part? MIOX is generated fresh each day in the amount you need and only…
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Marijuana Waste Grinding

Electric motors drive JWC's Monster Industrial Marijuana Shredders.  Allowing them to be used indoors or out, transmit no gas or exhaust fumes, and operate very quietly. The Monster Industrial Marijuana Shredder is powerful at low speeds and generates high torque within the dual-shafted grinder. They can easily grind a variety of different wet or dry…
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Mequipco Receives the Big City Initiative Award

Mequipco was awarded the Ovivo award for “Big City Initiative” at the recent WEFTEC 2016 in New Orleans. This award recognizes the strategic efforts of Mequipco Calgary over a five year period to assist the City of Calgary in the upgrades and expansion of their Bonnybrook and Fish Creek Wastewater Treatment Plants. Mequipco led a…
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