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Affordable, Real-Time BOD/COD/TSS Monitoring in Wastewater

  Real Tech’s BOD/COD monitoring system provides affordable real-time monitoring of organic load in a process. No reagents, no waiting for delayed lab results. Features and Benefits: Robust BOD/COD submersible probe utilizes multiple long-life UV-VIS LEDs for organics measurement in wastewater Outputs standard organics parameters including BOD, COD and TSS Automatic compressed air cleaning system…
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Mequipco Receives the Big City Initiative Award

Mequipco was awarded the Ovivo award for “Big City Initiative” at the recent WEFTEC 2016 in New Orleans. This award recognizes the strategic efforts of Mequipco Calgary over a five year period to assist the City of Calgary in the upgrades and expansion of their Bonnybrook and Fish Creek Wastewater Treatment Plants. Mequipco led a…
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