Manufacturer LogoCompany NameDescription
geGE Water & Process TechnologiesZenon Membrane Solutions
Ultrafiltration Membrane Plants
RCCI Therman Products Division
Produced Water Treatment
Evaporation and Crystalization
Zero Liquid Discharge



jwc     monster industrial

JWC Environmental Fluids & Solids Grinders
Pump / Centrifuge Protection
Facilities Waste
Drilling & Processing Applications
Agricultural Waste


IPEC Solid/Liquid Separation Equipment
Rotary Drum Screens
Solids Compaction & Conveying
Sludge Thickening
jms  Jim Myers & Sons Water & Wastewater Equipment
Material Handling and Transport
Flocculators, Lamella Plate Settlers
Screw & Belt Conveyors
ovivo  Ovivo Water   Water & Wastewater Treatment
Eimco Water Technologies:
Biological Process Systems
xylem  Xylem Inc Water & Wastewater
Ultraviolet Disinfection for Water & Wastewater
(Ozone) Generators & Systems
andrit Andritz Separation IncMechanical Separation Solutions
Centrifuges, Belt Presses, Filter Presses
Thickeners (Gravity Belt & Rotary Screen)
Hydrasand Filters
turblex Turblex IncSingle Stage Centrifugal Blowers
Turbo Compressors
Compressor Packages
evoquaEvoqua Water Technologies Wallace & Tiernan Chemical Feed Systems
RJ Environmental
- Liquid Phase (Bioxide®), Carbon Adsorption
- Chemical Scrubbers for Odour Control
Rex® & Link-Belt®
- Raw Water Screening Equipment
schwingSchwing Bioset Solids Handling Equipment
High Solids Piston Pumps
Sliding Frames & Live Bottoms
Container Wagons
dkgDKG PrecisioneeringEngineered FRP Equipment
Custom Storage Tanks
Wet Scrubbers, Ventilation Systems
aerzenAerzenBlowers and Compressors
Rotary Lobe Compressors
Positive Displacement Blowers
Screw Compressors
High Speed Turbo Blowers
Wastewater / Biogas Recovery Applications
ixomIXOMDisinfection Byproduct Reduction (MIEX DOC RESIN)
DOC Pretreatment to remove DBP
Precursors for THM and HAA Reduction
Agseptance Group Water Intake Screening & Equipment
Johnson Screens
- Passive Type Screens
- Fish Diversion Screens
sttSTT Enviro Stanco Projects Chemical Handling Group
Dry Chemical Storage Silos for Lime, MgO, Makedown & Feed Systems
Soda Ash, Dry Polymer, Cement, Fly Ash Systems
cstCST Storage and CoversStanco Liquid Storage Group
Glass Fused to Steel
Bolted Steel Reservoirs
API Tanks
Siemens EnergySiemens EnergyOil Water Separation
IGF's, DGF's, Walnut Shell Filtration
Oil Wastewater Treatment
API Separators, DNF's



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ML Spirals Separation & Conveying
Shaftless Screw Spirals
Shafted Screw Conveyors
Screw Based Products
FRC logoFRC Systems InternationalFlotation Equipment
Turnkey Wastewater Treatment Systems
Fuse LogoFUSE Inc.Senior Technical Consultants
Oil Separation / Water Treatment Progam Optimization
Plant / Equipment Design Engineering Reviews
Customized Training (Site Specific)
Plant Commissioning and Start Up

Force FlowChlorine & Chemical Scales
Mequipco logo 2011Mequipco LtdPackaged Chemical Feed Systems
Flexible Screw Conveyors and Bulk Bag Unloaders
Volumetric & Loss-in-Weight Feeders
Pneumatic Loaders & Conveyors