MIOX in Municipal Water Treatment

If you run a Water Treatment Plant, you’re facing one big challenge—you need to provide the highest quality water while keeping your costs down… Imagine improving your water quality while cutting your water disinfection treatment costs in half— The best part? MIOX is generated fresh each day in the amount you need and only requires three safe, eco-friendly ingredients: salt, water, and electricity. That means zero trucking, handling and storage of hazardous chemicals, and zero product degradation,—keeping your community, your site, and your people completely safe. And at a concentration of less than 1%, MIOX is safer than hand sanitizer. How does it work exactly? MIOX has two disinfection systems depending on your needs. The first is our best in class on-site hypochlorite generator, which simply replaces your current disinfection, resulting in substantial savings. The second is our one of a kind mixed oxidant generator, which produces hypochlorite with trace hydrogen peroxide to break down biofilm, thoroughly cleaning up your pipe network, lowering the required dose while maintaining proper residual levels, and reducing disinfection byproduct formation. Another benefit is oxidation of both Manganese and Iron becomes quicker and more complete, eliminating the staining of filter walls and need for strong oxidizers like potassium permanganate. A long-time MIOX customer, who previously struggled with dead legs and maintaining residual in low flow areas of their distribution network, within a few months experienced higher free chlorine residuals in areas where previously it was extremely difficult to maintain. With biofilm buildup eradicated, disinfection byproducts were reduced by 50%. MIOX helped this customer save money, maintain consistent residual throughout the network, reduce disinfection byproduct formation, and produce longer filter runs, all while removing the safety issues of hazardous chemicalss. Let MIOX help you too, with a solution that’s lower cost, safer, and more effective, so you can satisfy your consumers and your bottom line.

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